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Bearing the namesake of our winery’s inspiration, Ottimino Vineyard was planted in 2000. Composed of around two thousand vines, Bradford Mountain and Mendocino clones were utilized for budwood; this was then grafted onto St. Georges rootstock to ensure the vines would remain vigorous under dry farming.

The vineyard rows run north to south, which provides full exposure to the sunlight during the long summer days. The vines are trained in a vertical cordon, allowing the grape clusters optimal exposure to sunlight and the cooling coastal influences. The vineyard is located on a ridge in what is known as a “banana belt”, which an area that has higher averge temperatures than adjacent areas. Because the vineyard is located just 8 miles from the coast, the cooling sea breezes ensure a temperate climate year round. Goldridge soil, a mixture of sandy loam on top of mineral rich clay, allows for the vines to be dry farmed and provides the ideal environment for the vines to thrive.