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Brad Alper - Winegrower / Partner



Brad Alper is Ottimino's Winegrower and Vineyard Manager as well as the owner of the Ottimino Estate Vineyard which is located 8 miles from the Pacific Ocean in the southwestern corner of the Russian River Valley. 

Brad displays a deep appreciation for the terroir of the Ottimino Estate vineyard. “We’re very fortunate that our vineyard supports Dry Farming; while growing Zinfandel without irrigation adds more work to the already labor intensive process of farming cool climate Zinfandel, the extra work pays dividends by producing grapes of the highest quality and ultimately making wine that truly showcases the terroir. Since Brad lives on the Estate he’s in the vineyard virtually every day, ensuring the high level of care and maintenance that his vines have become accustomed to.

“It’s in the hands of our winemaker William Knuttel that our Zinfandels really shine. I’m grateful to have Bill as a business partner and friend” says Brad. 

Originally an airline pilot, Brad planted his first vineyard block in 1994 and after many years of juggling aviation with viticulture he decided to focus on winegrowing and retired early from American Airlines in 2012.

Brad, along with his wife Alanna and son Alex, manage many aspects of Ottimino and their Pinot Noir brand, Square Peg. In addition to managing the vineyard and brands, they host visitors at their new Estate Vineyard tasting room/art gallery located just north of the town of Occidental.