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Windsor Oaks

A-,, November 2 2011, 2007 Windsor Oaks Vineyard Zinfandel

When a winery exclusively makes one type of wine, you really have high expectations that they are going to get it right. Ottimino’s slogan is “Exclusively Zinfandel” and I must admit that they do it well. The second bottle I uncorked was from their Windsor Oaks Vineyard in the Russian River Valley and it is a great traditional style of Zinfandel.

Ottimino Windsor Oaks Vineyard Zinfandel pours a blackish plum in the glass. It has a warm nose with notes of plum, blueberry, oak, and cinnamon. The wine is fruit forward with tastes of blackberries and dark cherries. Mid-palate there are notes of oak and spice followed by a long, peppery finish. This is the style of Zinfandel I am hoping for when I open a bottle…time for another glass!  

My Wine Rating- B+/A-  Read the entire review here